Corporate Profile

Tian Yuan Group Holdings Limited

We operate two terminals, namely, Tianyuan Terminal and Zhengyuan Terminal, which are, with approval, open to the public and focus on bulk cargo. Both terminals are situated in the Shuidong port area of the Port of Maoming, which is in Maoming. Our principal services comprise:

  • cargo uploading and unloading services. Our terminals are relatively adaptive and able to handle a variety of non-containerised cargo. During the Track Record Period, we mainly handled bulk cargo such as coal, quartz sand, oil products, grain, asphalt and kaolinite, as well as a small portion of break bulk cargo and neo-bulk cargo; and

  • related ancillary value-added port services, which mainly include storage services at our oil tanks and grain barns as well as leasing of our shovel trucks.

For 2015, 2016 and 2017, our total throughput (inclusive of domestic trade and foreign trade) was approximately 3,969 thousand tonnes, 4,202 thousand tonnes and 4,391 thousand tonnes, respectively. In 2016, our throughput accounted for approximately 0.2% of the total cargo throughput in Guangdong, and our revenue accounted for approximately 0.1% of the revenue of the port terminal services industry in Guangdong.

We have been granted sea area use rights over an aggregate area of approximately 9.6 hectares in the Port of Maoming. The Port of Maoming recorded throughput of approximately 24.3 million tonnes in 2017, which made it the tenth largest port of Guangdong in terms of throughput in that year, according to the Ipsos Report. The Port of Maoming is a gateway to Southwest China and Southeast Asian countries. It was formerly known as the Port of Shuidong before 1998 and was approved as one of the ports open to foreign vessels, cargo and nationals as early as June 1993. It currently consists of three port areas, namely: (i) Shuidong port area, which is the original commercial port area; (ii) Bohe port area, which includes the Bohe fishery port area and Bohe new port area; and (iii) Jida port area, which is a planned project for further development of the area near the Bohe new port.

Our terminals are well-equipped with quayside portal cranes, shovel trucks, loaders, forklift trucks, grab buckets, overhead crane hooks and general purpose trucks, all of which are operated by qualified technicians. We also possess oil tanks and grain barns for our related ancillary value-added port services. Our Tianyuan Terminal completed its construction and commenced its operation in April 2010. Its throughput for 2015, 2016 and 2017 was approximately 2,449 thousand tonnes, 2,592 thousand tonnes and 2,651 thousand tonnes, respectively, of which foreign trade comprised approximately 372 thousand tonnes, 188 thousand tonnes and 431 thousand tonnes, respectively. Tianyuan Terminal currently has two berths with a maximum docking capacity of 30,000 DWTs and 5,000 DWTs, respectively, and is the only terminal with such a large docking capacity of 30,000 DWTs in the Port of Maoming which is open to the public. Both berths have been approved to handle foreign trade since January 2011. Our Zhengyuan Terminal completed its construction and commenced its operation in March 2011. Its throughput for 2015, 2016 and 2017 was approximately 1,520 thousand tonnes, 1,610 thousand tonnes and 1,740 thousand tonnes, respectively, all of which related to domestic trade. It currently has one berth with the docking capacity of 10,000 DWTs.