The following map shows the location of the part of Maoming as well as our Tianyuan Terminal and Zhengyuan Terminal.
高德地图 - DIY我的地图
Our terminals are located in the Shuidong port area of the Port of Maoming, Maoming, Southwest Guangdong, the PRC. The Port of Maoming faces South China Sea and is in the proximity of the Pearl River Delta and Beibu Gulf. The Port of Maoming is a hub of Southwest Guangdong and a gateway to the Southeast Asian countries. The Port of Maoming recorded a throughput of 24.3 million tones in 2017, which made it the tenth largest port of Guangdong in terms of throughput of the same year, according to the Ipsos Report.
The Port of Maoming consists of three port areas, namely: (i) Shuidong port area, which is the original commercial port area; (ii) Bohe port area, which includes the Bohe fishery port area and Bohe new port area; and (iii) Jida port area, which is a planned project for further development of the area near the Bohe new port. Shuidong port area of the Port of Maoming was approved as one of the first-class ports open to foreign vessels, cargo and nationals as early as in June 1993.
The Port of Maoming is connected to a comprehensive transportation network in Maoming. Railways such as the Sanshui-Maoming Railway, the Hechun-Maoming Railways, the Luoyang-Zhanjiang Railway and the Liuzhou-Zhanjiang Railway run through Maoming. Moreover, the Port of Maoming is connected to the rest of Guangdong and the PRC through State Highway 207, State Highway 325 and the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Highway.
Our hinterland covers Southwest China and South China, primarily including Guangdong and Guangxi provinces.